I wrote my first ever Google review today:

I’m obviously not THAT torn about this because clearly I wrote the review, but there are two things here.

It’s Negative

I’ve had literally hundreds of 5/5 experiences at places and I never review them. Only when something unjust happened did I feel compelled to voice my opinion. If everyone were like me, there would only be bad reviews.

But it was THAT bad

These guys had zero remorse. Initially they were saying it was delivered to a wrong address and “what do you want me to do?“. I asked if they’d make the order again for us to pick up and he said no because we only paid once. They were perfectly okay with a paying customer not getting their product and saying it wasn’t their responsibility to sort it out. I get it, maybe Slice was at fault. But they’re ultimately responsible. They showed absolutely zero remorse. Then, to find it was canceled and not even apologize. They literally said “I canceled it, what else do you want me to do” while we received no call, no email, nothing. The idea of what happens to the customer is non-existent to them.

Not to sound like a cuck but if a customer calls us and says “I didn’t get my tool”, we pretty much always send them another one even if it wasn’t our fault. The customer paid, they should get the product. That’s why we have almost 200 reviews and 5 stars on pretty much every one!

I think my takeaways from this are to leave more positive reviews and never order food through third party apps.