In my last post I alluded to a parking war with my neighbors that they weren’t even aware about. Well, let’s just say, THEY’RE AWARE ABOUT IT NOW.

There are two people who live somewhere near me (I don’t know what actual house) who park their cars next to each other like so.

Exhibit A

Nothing wrong with that!

HOWEVER. When one of them leaves, the other moves so that one car is taking up two spaces; see Exhibit B. This makes it so no one can take the spot. Then, when the person comes back, the other person moves their car back into place so they can park as shown in Exhibit A.

Exhibit B

They do this literally every single day.

If I’ve learned anything from living in the city for 5 years, it’s that you have to get involved with people you don’t know’s business when they’re doing things that hurt society as a whole regardless of if it puts you in harms way. SOMEONE had to stop this. Only within the last month or so did I decide that person would be me.

My plan was simple. It’s really the only plan a sane person would come up with. I had to get the spot behind them, then when they did their maneuver, I pull my car up so they can’t reposition and fit the second car in when they come back. Genius.

So for the last month I’ve checked pretty much every day. The pictures show the view from our window, so I’d peer out every hour or two and see if the spot opened up, ready to pounce if it did.

It’s been tough. Frustrating. Watching them do their move EVERY day and being helpless to stop it. But god works in mysterious ways, and sometimes, he shines a light on you when you’re least expecting it.

This is the live view from my window. It’s beautiful. I’m checking every two minutes to see what happens when they come back.

Is this wrong of me? I don’t think wrong is the right word. This is peak pettiness from someone who prides themselves on not being petty.

I know nothing about these people. They’re a very trashy looking middle aged man and woman. I’ve seen them maybe a dozen times since we’ve moved in. They could be really down in the dumps, like on their last dollar with absolutely no hope in their lives, I have no clue. But you can’t just claim a public parking space. It’s not right.

My anti-climactic guess is that they’ll do absolutely nothing. I have to move my car tomorrow and they’ll probably reclaim the spots and we’ll do this all over again. It will then become obvious that the white Mazda keeps taking the spot. But maybe they’ll do something crazy like key my car or wait for me outside to beat me up. Very exciting! I’ll update if anything happens.