I was not on edibles when I wrote this post just now.

I just had this conversation with a 60 year old guy who lives in my building while we got into the elevator.

Me: “Hey how’s it going?”

Him: “Good, good. Getting ready for some snow!”

Me: “Heh, yeah. I just got back from the grocery store and it was packed.”

Him: “I’m sure it won’t be as bad as they say, those weather guys never get anything right.”

Him looking at the mail he just grabbed: “Taxes! Guess it’s that time of year.”

Me: “Oh yeah, I just got my info too.”

Him: “Do you know if they’re extending the deadline this year?”

Me: “You know that’s a good question, I’m not sure.”

This is the eternal small talk. This exact conversation has probably been had by about a million different people today. Not only that, but this conversation has probably been happening for… a thousand years?

10 years ago this conversation would’ve been unfathomable to me. I was a college kid on Facebook constantly and playing Guitar Hero. The old guy would’ve looked at me and thought “God this kid is such a pussy“. Conversely why would I want to talk to this old guy who doesn’t know shit about video games?

Now, at 29, I AM those people. And there’s a younger generation that I have no interest in. They seem overly superficial. But in 10-15 years, I’ll be talking weather and taxes to them as they’re getting ready to go work tomorrow like a cuck just as I am.

What’s my point? That this conversation felt unifying. Not between me and the old man, but between me and every human who’s ever lived and endured these conversations. Even as technology changes and younger people get into more and more out-there shit, we all sort of end up in the same place like the billions of dead people before us.

I have a cup of coffee in front of me right now that I am so god damn excited to drink. And that feeling is pretty much the same as the guy 100 years ago had when he was getting excited for his cup of coffee. And that the 15 year old cuck making some Tiktok about him banging his dog or whatever may not be excited for a cup of coffee yet, but he’s going to be.