On November 20th, Jeff and I will be racing the Rothman 8k in Philadelphia.

Here’s how our training has gone:

Jeff has ruptured his Achilles like 10 times in the last two years and has had trouble with consistent training.

I know most of you follow me on Strava, but in case you haven’t, my training has been surprisingly good the last two months.

We’re going to come up with a spread based on our goal times. While I’m looking forward to the race, we were wondering:

What should we wager on the race?

One idea was that the loser has to wear their finisher medal around for… a day? A week?

But that’s kind of lame. We should be able to come up with something more creative. Then again, why should we come up with something when I have all these readers who are smarter than me?

What should our race wager be? Best suggestion wins a Stortz Oyster Knife.


Here’s a classic race. I’ll be channeling my inner Sammy.