This week at work we had a delivery driver drop off some boxes. As I walked up to his truck, he handed me his phone and said “Watch this“. It was a video of his wife holding a magnet up to some store bought chicken and the magnet was sticking to the chicken.

I nodded. He said, It’s nanoparticles. They’re putting nanoparticles in our meat to track us. I haven’t eaten meat for two months because of this. If they can’t get you with the jab (vaccine), they get you with the meat. I just don’t how much more people need to see before they wake up.”

A minute later Wiseman comes up and the guy hands me the phone and says “Here, show your friend“. Jeff then came out and same thing.

In these situations, I am literally speechless. I don’t know what to say.

I’m not going to agree, because I think what he’s saying is insane, but I’m not going to disagree, because A) I know nothing about nanoparticles or how chicken is prepared, and B) even if I did, nothing I can say would change his mind. He is set on showing the video to everyone and he really truly believes it.

I’m also curious what he thinks I’m thinking as he speaks to me. Here are my guesses:

  • Great, I’m getting through to this kid. He gets it!
  • This kid isn’t reacting, he’s just another sheep I guess.
  • This kid thinks I’m fucking crazy. Am I fucking crazy?

But I genuinely don’t know what to say in these instances.

I also can’t write the above and not acknowledge that Tom writes some posts based around conspiracy theories. They’re far less extreme than the driver, but an example from his hotly contested American Fabric post, Tom writes regarding enforced COVID vaccination “Or are we getting people vaccinated because we are making an effort to cover up who knows what. Either way, this seems extremely odd that the government is going out of its way for the safety of the country.”

Though that’s far less specific than nanoparticles in chicken, to me, those two sentences are kind of crazy. I don’t find it odd at all that the government is going out of its way for the safety of the country. You can certainly question their decision making / severity of their reaction to COVID, people have that conversation every day across the world, but to think there’s a massive ulterior motive or that they’re intentionally working towards a 1984 type world, to me, is crazy.

That though, is why these situations are strange.

  • Person A: The government is using vaccines to track people.
  • Person B: That’s crazy.
  • Person A: Wow you really trust the government, wake up.
  • Person B: I don’t know what to say to you, you wake up.

Both people assume the other person is missing a fundamental understanding of the world around them, that they’re just out of touch with reality.

So what do you say when someone says there’s nanoparticles in the chicken?