I told my apartment building that I was moving out. They asked… WHY?

You tell me, is this list of reasons, in order of most important, good enough?

1. I CAN’T OPEN THE WINDOWS. This is the #1 reason I’m moving. I have two massive windows in my apartment and I can’t open either. Oh don’t worry, it’s not like I have a 20 pound cat who takes shits as big as I do and doesn’t know how to cover it. I’m scared to tell them this is why I’m moving because they might say “that’s not true, you can open it this way” and I’ll feel dumb.

2. My neighbors are weird. Here are a few of my neighbors – My next door neighbor is about 50, ignores me every time we see each other, and yells “GET OUT, GET THE FUCK OUT!” at his pet. My old across-the-hall neighbor tried to steal money from me. Someone stole my candles. I have not had one pleasant interaction with a neighbor here ever.

3. A homeless person has been slept in our lobby multiple times. Different people too! I’m usually not uptight about security, but this is off-putting. I don’t blame the homeless guys either, when it’s 30 degrees outside and the door comes right open, why not?

4. The parking lot next to the building gets bumpin’. Like a straight up hip hop concert at midnight on weeknights sometimes. On two occasions I actually walked outside and told them to turn their music down. They obliged both times but definitely thought I was a cuck.

5. This. Fucking Wall.

Seriously, why would anyone design the apartment so that you can’t see the TV while you’re doing the dishes unless your 7ft tall? So stupid. Ruins the whole mood of the apartment.

Is it a good idea to send the lady this blog post in response to WHY I’m moving?