Reading my 2020 goals made me realize that most of these goals suck. 2021 goals will be better.


  • Don’t break my new phone screen for the entire year – Easy when you’re not blacking out every weekend!
  • Lose less than $2,000 gambling – Easy when you make zero trips to Sugar House!
  • Vote in the 2020 election – Yes!
  • Blackout less than 5 times – I did twice before lockdown and then only once in the last 10 months!
  • Reach a 1500 rating on – Yes, but I’m also 1400 and on the verge of quitting forever because I’m so bad at this game.


  • Learn one full song on guitar every two weeks – I thought quarantine would be a spark for guitar but it was the opposite.
  • Buy at least six gifts for six people (friends, family, etc.) for no specific reason – I’m a shithead.
  • Donate $2,000 to causes I care about – I did $1000 throughout the year and just did my $600 stimulus check.
  • Shoot under 100 in a round of golf on any course – I shot a 106 recently WITH a sprained thumb, but this is genuinely embarrassing that I didn’t get under one time in the ~20 rounds I played.
  • Read six books – I read five, but one but one of them was like 500 pages.
  • Give up alcohol for a 20 day stretch – I honestly never even tried.
  • Write 100 blog posts – 62.
  • Sustain 50 miles a week for four straight weeks injury free – I barely ran 50 miles all year.
  • Fast for 24 hours – Completely forgot this was a goal.
  • Don’t look at my phone for anymore than five minutes before bed each night – I could not be more off here. It’s a problem.

Covid Incomplete

  • Go to the dentist for the first time in five years – Your could argue this should be in Failed. I’m booked for this week though.
  • Go the dry cleaner for the first time ever – Same as above; without fancy affairs, this wasn’t as important.
  • Go to an event at the Kimmel Center – Thank god for Covid.
  • Go to the West Coast – Heard it’s a dump now anyway.
  • Bowl a 300 – I bowled a 279 after months off and haven’t gone since.