JC, my dad, kept a notebook full of wagers on sports games. The print was chicken scratch and figures were 3, 4, and 5 numbers. We’re talking 1990 dollars. JC was a high earner being the President of Stortz Tools after his dad passed in 1984. The man was a spender, not a saver.

One story he passed down was betting on the Super Bowl in 1990 when the 49ers routed the Broncos 55-10. JC was on the Broncos +13 and the closest the game got was when it was 7-3. He had some 5 figure total on the game and had to pay the bookie for a year or two in weekly sums. “I never missed a payment” as JC will tell you. Integrity was a virtue.

Losing $125 dollars betting on the US Open and winning $370 in my RunYourPool is peanuts compared to the old man. I’m almost embarrassed to compare myself. The similarities between the two of us strengthen as the years pass. Like JC, my spreadsheet is once again active following the Cantlay hit. A notebook from the future.

I share my dad and sports betting because it’s no different in 2019 as it was 30 years earlier. His notebook was kept private to himself, mainly because there were no outlets, and 30 years later his son shares a similar interest to waste time and money. Who could predict that? Like father, like son.

Outing DFS Touts

What is piquing my interest nowadays is the DFS community and putting your money where your mouth is. First rule of betting, never trust anyone who doesn’t have skin in the game. Talk is cheap. That’s why anytime I post on this site about what I’m doing, you can be sure I’m sticking my neck out there. I missed Gary Woodland by a football field, but I own losses.

This is where the DFS community is in a multi faceted uproar. Problems include 1) Touts being losing players 2) Touts sharing picks to herd the public to players that are unsound 3) Touts entering multiple lineups with a group of like minded lineups in 50/50’s. This guy in particular is a stickler.

The Samson account is a hilarious follow. He likes to “expose” touts under the premise that the people who are charging for subscriptions are losing players. These days there is so much information that getting a source of relevant and pertinent info can be challenging even when you are willing to pay for it. Another rule to gambling, no such thing as easy money. Ever.

Transparency has always been my goal with my writing and general life philosophy. You’d be surprised, but people prefer the dark.