2018 – 2019 Sixers Season Thoughts

May 13, 2019


2018 – 2019 Sixers Season Thoughts

This is going to be a semi-chronological scattershot of thoughts related to this season.

  • The shot last night felt wrong. I felt like it was after the buzzer, or he stepped out of bounds, I was waiting for something to happen where we go to overtime and win. It felt wrong to have the season end on a shot like that.
  • Embiid crying personified how I felt but was encouraging in that he cares that much and I don’t fault him at all. I also don’t fault the internet trolls for making fun of him, that’s inevitable.
  • I keep coming back to Game 4 at home where they just kind of blew it. This was a real window to win. We win that, we win the series, and possibly more. These opportunities are rare, this was a real chance, and they fell short.
  • I think we would’ve lost to the Bucks in the next round, and I think the Bucks will beat the Raptors in 5 or 6.
  • Getting Butler and Harris was the right decision, and a firm transition from ‘the Process’ to ‘win-now’.
  • The 3 seed was good all things considered. Many underestimated the Bucks and Raptors, and given the line up changes, 50+ wins and the 3 seed was a commendable regular season.
  • Before the playoffs started I was on the sign Harris / let Butler walk wagon. My tone has changed after the playoffs. Butler isn’t the best fit with Ben and Joel, but he can take over a game in a way that Harris hasn’t proven.
  • That being said, I don’t know what I’m rooting for this off-season. Signing them both, plus signing Reddick, plus extending Ben, plus getting a deeper bench seems all but impossible. Something has to give, and I don’t know what it is.
  • Jimmy seems most likely to go seeing as he doesn’t fit as well, but I think he genuinely embraced Philly in the playoffs and would want to stay if the two sides can make it work.
  • Having five centers (Joel, Boban, Amir, Bolden, Monroe) and only one being playable in the playoffs was a real problem. I’m not even sure how this happened, but it needs to change.
  • Ben Simmons HAS to shoot. His FT% went from 56% last year to 60% this year. That is pathetically low. I don’t need him shooting 5 threes a game, but he needs a reliable jump shot, and his lack of improvement this year leaves me not optimistic.
  • I will be furious / lose a lot of confidence in the front office if they fire Brett Brown. I don’t even think that statement needs defending.
  • I’m worried about Embiid’s career. It’s not a new take, but it’s been said that he may have already played his best basketball. Knee tendinitis is not good. I hope it’s wrong, but it’s a real possibility.
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  1. Brookes

    It was a rough way to end the season. It would be great to bring Tobi, Jimmy and JJ all back. And Boban and Scott. I think you have to give JJ a 3-year, front-loaded contract that massages him into being a vital veteran bench player after next season. His presence would also be critical for the next developing sharp-shooter the team decides to build into the starting 5. I think you try to trade TJ to give him a fair shot on a team that may use him more than we do. I could see a Jameer Nelson-esque career path for him. I think more teams would be interested in him than maybe we think. Difficult given the circumstances, but I would pursue Serge Ibaka as the primary back-up Center. At only (29), I think he gives you defense, grit and some offense while Joel is on the bench (or hurt). The africa connection may help convince him to join up with Joel. He's a above borderline NBA starter, which is kind of what the team needs in the backup spot given the speculative nature of Joel. Unlikely, but Patrick Beverley would seem like a strong fit for the team as the back-up or flex PG. PG: Ben Simmons SG: JJ Reddick SF: Jimmy Butler PF: Tobias Harris C: Joel Embiid Bench PG: Patrick Beverly SG: Zhaire Smith SF: Mike Scott / James Ennis C: Serge Ibaka / Boban Misc. players. This would give Brett a lot of moving parts to generate rotations keyed on offense or defense and generally have a more graceful drop-off when shuffling starters in and out. Or they could sign Klay or KD. But the starting 5 outscored opponents by over 20ppp in the playoffs this year, so seems the bench is where the sneaky good moves need to occur.

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