I had a standing golf bet with Adam where we played for $5 on each the front, back, and total score. He has since backed out of the bet and I don’t think it’s because he was losing too much. He just knew he was going to lose and quit before it got ugly. A man’s man.

With Adam out, Bud jumped into the $5-5-5 bet. In our first 3 rounds, he cleaned my clock in a clean sweep each round shooting 83, 78, 83. I shot in the upper 80’s each round and thought to myself, “wow, this guy got some competition and he turned into Brooks Koepka.” He started getting on in regulation, one or two putting, or getting up and down from the hills. I thought I was cooked. Until Sunday.

After I dropped a 4 stroke lead with 3 to play and tying the front (a moral victory perhaps), Bud fell apart. Duffing chips. Hitting OB. Misputts. Where was the guy in the 70’s? I ended up taking the $10 bucks and here I am writing a post. Of course I couldn’t write a post getting swept 3 times in a row, but now I have a leg to stand on (great pun for Evan and Bud).

I don’t write the post to gloat, $15 isn’t worth my time. Even beating Bud, although I enjoy it, we are way past that considering we’ve been competing against each other for over 25 years. He’ll win some and I’ll win some. Sometimes you got it and sometimes you don’t. It’s hard to explain why this happens but it’s the incredible nature of sports and what makes them so unpredictable and consuming. A few months ago I’d say that Bud was lagging distance off the tee and now it seems like he’s evened up the score and I’m losing distance. Where I’m losing distance though, I’m gaining in consistency. I was on in regulation the first 5 or 6 holes the last 2 rounds I played. If I can make a putt (or at least not 3 putt), I don’t see why I shouldn’t be playing in the 70’s. Shout out to Evan playing in the 90’s.

This post was just a short update on the state of my golf game. I’m still playing a lot and looking forward to the nice weather. I expect some hole in one’s or low scores soon. I’m sure you’ll hear about it. To briefly comment on the posts about the American Fabric, I will blog about PHIL (huge money maker), the blog will not be cancelled, and I have no issues with people disagreeing with my opinion. If I did, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I’m sure I’ll comment more on that in future posts.