“JFK called for a man on the moon. Our call should be a category leading chicken sandwich.”

This was said by a rep for the National Owners Association, a new group representing McDonald’s franchises. This follows the new Popeye’s chicken sandwich which has lines around corners. I haven’t had one, and don’t see the reason why I’d want one, and certainly wouldn’t wait 20 minutes.

Did you know that 2.3 billion chicken sandwiches were sold through July from fast food chains. This compared to 6.4 billion in burgers. That’s a lot of meat.

One Small Step For Man, One Giant Ax For Chicken

I’m not sure why I extrapolate this scenario to our society, but maybe I’m the only one who sees a problem with it. I’m sure tongue in cheek, but we have a chicken race being compared to traveling to the moon. This is going backwards and Idiocracy is among us. It’s a clucking chicken sandwich!

If this doesn’t signify obesity for our stupid Earthlings, I don’t know what to say. I would mandate a decree that in order to eat this chicken sandwich, you must be able to run around the store 5 times in under 5 minutes. If you can’t do it, no food for you. VOTE ME FOR PRESIDENT. That’s the goddamn best idea I’ve ever come up with. I bet I’d be tied up at the stake, inserted into the deep fryer, and eaten.

The older I get, the more I start to get it when older people look down on stupid people. I read these types of articles and have to think that these chicken mongers are the type of people who are not contributing leaps and bounds to society. As anyone who gets attacked would respond with, “what do you contribute?” To that I look internally and know that I’m not waiting for a clucking chicken sandwich.