Duke’s was alerted of my arrival at 6:10pm and I walked in the door at 6:15pm. The host said, “Dante will cut your hair.” I said, “nice to meet you.” I sat in the chair and he went to work.

A few hours earlier Sam Mendes-Jonas came back from his hair cut at Bloke’s and I’ve noticed a trend at Philly barbers. They are meticulous on the back and sides and barely touch the front. This is fine if you’re a Belieber, but for the rest of us, it’s not much of a corporate look.

My usual barber is Mario, but that’s all the way back in the burbs, so I bit the bullet and went to Dante. He says, “how do you want your hair cut?” “Two blade on the back and sides and shorter than the style.” The last time I had style was in 3rd grade when my mom bought me the red Ninja Turtle shoes with all the characters on them. He sort of shook his head and went to work.

This dude was precise. He went over the back of my head no less than a thousand times. When it came to the top, he left it a little more than I would have and it turned out above average. I was pleased. I tipped him 20 bucks for the 45 minute haircut and the cut was $33. Our small tip was small which I preferred. Somehow the coding near next to me who was nervously jabbering the entire time brought up eye color and Dante said there is a way to get your eye color permanently changed. He asked me what I’d change mine to? I said neon blue. He wasn’t sure if I was kidding.

Non haircut related, I ran 16:48 on the track for 3 miles and when I was walking home a guy said to me, “be safe”. It was near Temple, and he could have been referring to the active shooter, but I thought he was commenting on my new haircut and that I was looking a little bit more of a threat. To who or what. I’m not certain.