On Sunday I went for a run down Kelly Drive. 1.75 miles away from Lloyd Hall is a statue of a rower. It’s near a water fountain and I was gassed and took a break. I looked out and it was a pristine summer day and the rowers were crossing. I thought it was the perfect shot. I didn’t have a camera so I started to run back and within 50 meters, I see a guy with a camera. He’s taking a picture of a rock climber and I decided to tell him about my perfect picture. I explain to him where the shot is and give him my phone number to send me the picture. It’s similar to the ones you see, but I would have excluded the rower and shot it straight out. Either way, the guy never sent it to me. I’m a bit disappointed.

Even when I go out of my way to get genius content, it somehow falls through. This little story will shed some further light on this comment left on Sam’s most recent post. I laughed at it.

Mark on July 30, 2019 at 1:01 am

I’ll Venmo you $5 if you start producing some quality content.

Why is this funny? It’s accurate for one. That post wasn’t much of a knee slapper. It’s purpose is equally debatable. That’s not ragging on Sam either. Producing “quality content” takes time and, more importantly, having an idea.

Surreal painting. Man in red umbrella floating on white desert another man flying with umbrella. Figure of man and monk in a distance. Big moon rising above green forest.

I recently completed Chuck Klosterman’s new book and it’s 20 stories that are 10 pages long. It makes you think about scenarios that are relatable and unrealistic at the same time. What he’s capable of doing is what I’d like to be able to bring to this blog except for one main problem, i’m not that smart. As much as I want to bring my thoughts to this screen, they come out in a mess of incoherent, who gives a shit, sentences.

I want to explain how a simulation is more believable than religion, or people who pay with credit cards for less than a dollar cost business owners 3%, or why 1 day a week I get as drunk as I possibly can and it ruins the next 3 days for me, I’m not sure this is considered “quality content’.

Quality content starts with a premise. A unique one at that. It has to be thoughtful, topical, relevant, and fascinating. Then data and facts should back up the premise. Then the pictures need to bring the post together assuming the writing is well done. Next it has to be promoted effectively. Considering I can barely do this for work, where I get paid to do it, how can I do it for nothing?