I’ve made a lot of great investments over the last five years; Covy, Melon (he was actually free), Tinder Premium, Pornhub premium, Spankbang premium, XVideos premium, etc.

But AirPods tops them all.

I use my AirPods about 2 hours a day. I’ve had them for about two years and I spent $170 on them, so I’ve paid about 10 cents per hour to use the best head phones ever created

Why are they so good?

  • Max Douglas. I’ve been told repeatedly they make you look like a tool, but they hate us cause they ain’t us.
  • Answering calls. Forget talking on the phone like a cuck. Just walk around and look like an incel talking to yourself.
  • No cord. I’m aware AirPods aren’t the only blue tooth headphones but if you’re still using a cord, especially for running, what are you doing.
  • They never fall out. Self explanatory. Even in the rain or snow, they sit snug as a bug.
  • Insta-recharge. When they run out of battery, the pods themselves recharge fast.
I can’t wait to try this once I start having sex

When I leave my house, every single time, it’s phone, wallet, keys, Airpods. If you see me out at a bar, I have Airpods in my pocket.

And the miracle of it all, is in two years time, I haven’t lost them one time. Covy knocked them under the couch once and it took me like 45 minutes to find them (he was grounded for that) but other than that, they’re lose-free.

Further empower one of the most powerful companies in the world, get Airpods.