Six years ago I had the above image turned into a poster and hung it on my wall. I was 23 and living in Manayunk / away from my parents for the first time. This poster was hilarious and awesome and I felt like a cool young independent guy.

Three years later, at 26, I moved to Old City. I still thought it was cool so I hung it on the wall of my bedroom. I was a bit more mature, but still a wildcard. I didn’t want to abandon my youthful sense of humor that got me to where I was.

Now, at age 29, I’m moving again and am confronted with this piece of art.

I still think the image is funny, but as I went through all of my shit in my old apartment and threw out 50% of it, I couldn’t help but feel this poster didn’t have a place in my new apartment.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh ya think??

Do people just naturally progress to this point? Where they look at something and decide “I know a year ago I thought this was cool, but I think I’ve just moved on, it’s not me anymore“.

Moving to new apartments are a great checkpoint in life. You’re forced to decide how you want to set yourself up and how you want to be perceived by anyone coming over.

I guess on the edge of 30 I’m making more of an effort to… appear more together? You know, like actually put thought into what goes into my apartment, maybe get a real couch and a real TV stand? Much to the disappointment of my readers, I also threw out my beer bong.

I’ll do a video blog of the new apartment soon enough and you can decide how grown up I am.