The current America is not my America. The country rewards inactivity, illegal entry, crime paying dividends (as well as being overlooked), and the squeakiest wheel winning while raising taxes to the highest earners. The policy of printing money, with no intention of paying it back, is also troubling. What was once a country built on hard work and purpose has turned into gaming the system and corrupt politicians. Hasn’t this always been the case? Perhaps, but I’ve never felt more in my life like I’m being fed bullshit.

It’s a Conspiracy Theory…Until it Isn’t

The difference between factual news and propaganda is subtle. I watched this clip of a soldier in Vietnam whose account of what he saw was different from what Time Magazine was reporting. This sparks a bit of questionability in what you are choosing to read and believe.

What is the truth and what is being fabricated? How could you possibly know? SkyNews Australia is reporting that Bejjing is claiming that the USA is the likely Covid 19 source, and “white supremacists” are bullying anti-lab leak scientists. The USA certainly can’t agree with that narrative. Someone is clearly lying and based off the Chinese infection #’s (#101, 91,949 cases) vs the USA (#1, 34,639,222 cases), I’m guessing they may be telling two different stories. Do you think the Chinese people believe what the Chinese government tells them the same way the Americans believe their own government? But what about the carnage across the rest of the world? 200+ countries can’t all be lying which leads you to believe China must be wrong. Data wise, there is a standard sub 2% death rate of the virus among cases and the most susceptible people to die are over 80 or have other pre-existing conditions. If you eat McDonald’s every day for 20 years and Covid19 kills you, whose fault is that? The individual or the virus? #’s can be manipulated any way you want.

Which brings me to our extremely trustworthy government. We’ve decided to go the next step and start “enforcing” vaccination. Are we doing this because the mighty coronavirus is as devastating as we are being told? Or are we getting people vaccinated because we are making an effort to cover up who knows what. Either way, this seems extremely odd that the government is going out of its way for the safety of the country. Remember this is the same government who gladly takes your tax money and accepts/supports people from other countries illegally. Who do they actually care about?

Or how about this story of Nancy Pelosi’s husband purchasing $11 million dollars in Big Tech options and profiting millions. How could you think that the alignment between Big Tech and government is severe when the House speaker’s husband is insider trading?!? I swear you can’t make this stuff up. The government loves Bit Tech, as well as Big Pharma, because it allows them to control the people and there can’t be a rebellion if their bullshit gets uncovered. They are too powerful.

Nancy Pelosi’s husband just invested millions in 4 mega-cap tech stocks, including Apple and Amazon

These politicians are self-serving criminals. You can say so was Donald, and I’m sure you’re not wrong, but he cared about America. This crew is so confused about what to care about that the stink will build and the only way to solve the problem is flush them all out. The people need to start working again and the country needs to start focusing on priorities instead of is critical race theory being taught to children? This country is worse off than it’s been and if this economy collapses, boy oh boy, you read it hear first that we are not in good shape. Also, please keep your communist comments to yourself. I don’t give a shit.