A Post Way Better Than I Can Write

Sadly, what this person writes is what I believe is happening to our country. The feeling today is portrayed in Atlas Shurgged where the elites were pushed out by the Government. A few finer points for those who won’t read the post.

  • there is nothing mediocrity fears more than excellence. it’s how you get turfed out of the cushy gig you do not really merit.
  • A’s don’t sweat this because competing is what they do. but B’s live in terror of it. and this is why the B’s and C’s love “woke”, ESG, and DEI: these alleged philosophies of inclusion are, in fact, ideologies of exclusion and what they seek to exclude is excellence and meritocracy.
  • the B’s who wish to remain atop the game will erect a legal system to thwart excellence and a bogus moral code that makes it seem like justice and progress. this is literally what “woke” is.
  • we’re putting fools in charge, chosen for ideological and identarian criteria that have little or nothing to do with the actual sound performance of the tasks entrusted to them and that to shore up their own power, they are adopting and accelerating the practices of exclusionary wokedom in order to feather their own nests and prevent competition and competence because these ideas threaten them and their positions.
  • you’re being ruled by rubes who have elevated the inability to reason or rotate shapes to a sort of ethical code that worships uncritical incapacity. it’s the simple and inevitable emergent outcome of putting B’s in charge. they purge the A’s, hire idiots, shore up their power, and gin up a song and dance to not only justify but lionize having done so. then everyone looks baffled when nothing works any more and the engine of everything starts to sputter. “go woke go broke” is not just a law of economics. it’s also one of morality and of sanity. it bankrupts everything. and it’s time we knocked this off. the society we save may be our own.


People, particularly really hot blondes, are even coming around.

What Should Change?

This is the big question because both sides will argue accordingly until nothing changes. For me, a person who values and wholeheartedly believes the strongest survive, I don’t get behind the idea that everyone is equal. Everyone should have equal rights, but survival of the fittest is a law of life. You survive by producing value, not by changing rules. It’s what I believe as a white male where history has helped me be where I am. If people want to bring people like me down to level out the playing field, you’ll see examples like Portland where they’ve gone so far they ruined a city (this is spoken from a friend who lives there and pictures and not personal experience). Government electorates should be choses based off accomplishments and not ideologies. Start with that and maybe we’ll see some positive change instead of haphazard guesses. Also, I know there are people who have problems reading this. I’m sorry that’s the case. I’m hard headed on meritocracy and I welcome you to post on why people shouldn’t be rewarded for production. It would spark a good discussion.