I don’t watch stand-up comedy but had heard enough about Aziz and his Netflix special Right Now that I figured I’d give it a watch for an hour.

I didn’t have much expectation going in. His general themes were wokeness (specifically white people), racism, stereotypes, cultural context, spending time with loved ones, etc. and he addressed the accusation against him to begin.

I thought it was really good. My approval comes mostly from the comedy aspect and calling out things that I typically agree with. Some parts lagged, some were redundant, some were just not funny, but multiple parts had me rewinding because I was laughing so hard (specifically the wokeness eyeballs, the Hangover, and the Indian taxi driver).

It was, however, noticeable how much of this compared to his situation. It didn’t take away from the comedy, but there’s a lingering sense with most of the jokes and how it relates back to him.

He closed with what felt like a genuine and more serious thanks to the audience.

I was going to post some tweets of ridiculous takes related to Aziz but think that spreading them only worsens the ridiculousness of Twitter.

I like Aziz. If people don’t want to watch him for one reason or another, that’s all good. From an entertainment perspective, this was good, and I don’t feel bad supporting his comeback, if you can even call it that.