Be Careful!

I order my coffee black. This means without cream or sugar. I’ve not had too many encounters with this being troublesome…except this one time.

At a McDonald’s for a sausage McMuffin, I ordered a #2 with a large black coffee. “Excuse me”. “Large black coffee.” “Nothing in it?” “Nothing.”

No big deal. Maybe it’s her first time in the drive thru and no one has ever drank coffee like this. Lot of possibilities like the customer not knowing what black is. At Dunkin last week, Adam asked for an iced coffee with nothing in it and the employee asks, “any cream?”, and he goes “sure”.

I pay, pull up to the next window, and a 15 year old hands me the McMuffin, asks me did I want my coffee “black”, and tells me to pull up and he’ll hand deliver the coffee. My brain starts firing off on high alert. Why would you ever need to hand deliver coffee? I get the coffee and at this point I know I can’t drink that coffee. Was he racially offended? Did he make my coffee white? Never in my life could I imagine a situation where you get hand delivered coffee. Hand deliveries are for when you order a 10 piece and they only have 3 nuggets left. They’re for big orders. Never for coffee. Ever. This is a PSA to all those out there that if you choose to order “black” coffee, you’re asking for it. You must say, “please prepare my coffee with no racial undertones exactly as it comes out of the pot with no white sugar or white cream.”

The Hypocrisy

Scott Adams mainstream career is finished as papers over the nation removed Dilbert. Below that, Robin DiAngelo is lauded for her “anti-racist” mind set. The difference being Scott is saying to remove yourself entirely and Robin saying that spaces should be segregated. It’s a double standard today which is clearly making it more divisive.

How don’t people see that the anti-white crusade is racist? I don’t know what famous philosopher said that two wrongs don’t make a right, but no one seems too upset. Not to worry though, once China and Russia team up to destroy our LGBTQ army without using their pronouns as they slaughter them, we won’t have to worry that much about rights any more. We need to go back to the days when a black coffee was only a black coffee. Race does not live in coffee. It’s embarrassing as a country we’ve got to this point.