Gourlay filled in last night for bowling so I was lucky enough to see the kid in action. For someone who doesn’t bowl a ton, he’s consistent and does a decent job picking up spares. With 141 in the 9th frame coming off a spare, he was hoping for a 200. He ended up with a 179 which was quite respectable.

I learned Gourlay purchased my stock recommendation of UAVS. Bill also has lost money on this and I’m hoping it’s not substantial. It’s ok when I lose money for myself, but it doesn’t make me feel good losing other people’s money. Don’t get me wrong, I own over 10,000 shares myself, so I’ve been taking a whooping as well. It’s more that you want to be right when people follow your advice or else they’ll never believe you again. This goes the same with DKNG which reported decent earnings today and still seems undervalued when you consider they are only in 17 of the 50 states.

Gourlay also mentioned he’s playing golf DFS which is hilarious because I’ve lost thousands of dollars doing that. He was amped that it starts at 7am on Thursday and then goes all the way through Sunday. I told him how the real thrill is getting 6 of your golfers through the cut because the weekend sweat is great. He was saying how he uses ESPN+ to watch it and I’m shaking my head because I do the same. Great minds think alike.

Unfortunately, this great mind has been hemorrhaging money investing and I don’t want that to spill over to the great audience. I’ve cut back on the betting for the time being and am wading through the stock market catastrophe. Sinko de Mayo. Amiright? Either way, men persevere through tough times and that’s what I intend to do. Keep buying UAVS!