Let’s review Calvin’s tweets to get into the mind of the latest scandal.

I’m with Calvin on this one. If you’re betting .00136% of your salary on a game, you’re doing it wrong. Every gambler knows that the juices don’t flow unless you’re betting at least .25% of your net worth. For me to even take his bet seriously he should be throwing down at least 25k.

C’mon man! You’re that guy at a the machine for 30 minutes placing 8 leg parlays? Bet the ML or points and move on. Parlays are for suckers.

I have no idea what this means. I’m assuming he’s saying that since he couldn’t watch it maybe it doesn’t count as him making the bet? Like when I close my eyes at the roulette table and it hits black when I bet red, but since I didn’t look they didn’t sweep my money into that deep abyss? No second chances here.

Can’t disagree with this one. How’s this for precedent:

Players Betting on Sports

It’s strange to me that the league fully endorses betting on their leagues yet thinks that their players don’t participate. It’s comparable to what happened in the playoffs when Covid restrictions disappeared. As in, we’re going to turn a blind eye to this and no one is going to bring it up unless one of the athletes gets caught. Well, here’s Ridley making a $1,500 bet and the league making an example. Without integrity to the league, they’ll lose billions in gambling float. It’s not about Ridley, it’s about the image. Beat up your wife? No problem, it doesn’t affect the bottom line much. Make a losing parlay? 1 year full suspension.

I think they should allow open betting and let the information flow from the players. Do you have any idea how much misinformation, ego clashing, and general excitement there would be if Lamar Jackson is throwing down 2 milly against Mahomes! He could be into the loan sharks for $30 million and then shows up to the next game with 2 broken legs. I wouldn’t bet against it!