I had a nice start to my Saturday. I woke up at 6:30 feeling good from not drinking the night before. I checked DraftKings and saw I lost $15 dollars on an NBA lineup and saw my account had $143. I knew that wasn’t enough action to get me through the weekend so I fired up DK blackjack. After 15 hands I hit 2 blackjacks and was up $50 playing $10 dollar deals. That’s a bit more ammo Saturday for the Pats game knowing I’m trying to get hot and have a dynamite Sunday. I’ll be playing Rhamondre Stevenson first TD for what that’s worth.

I shower and head to Wegmans in Cherry Hill to do some food shopping. Why pay $5 to cross the bridge for food shopping? It’s because Philadelphia is turning into a shit hole. People used to say that they thought the city was either unclean or dangerous and I didn’t used to agree. I agree now but that’s another post. I purchase a weekly supply and come across a $9.99 plastic container of Wegman’s salted cashews. I rarely treat myself to cashews and said what the heck. I get some gas and watch a crazy Jim Can’t Swim when the bottom drops out of my day.

I’m about to vacuum the floor and had put the cashews on the table. Accidently while moving the table from rug, I nudge the cashews off the table. In the second that they are falling my brain processed minutes worth of calculations about what the result may be and not one was the end result. As the plastic tub collided with the ground a nuclear explosion of cashews occurred and devastated my life.

What could I do? There are $7 worth of cashews on the ground and some landed on the rug and others on the ground. A mask of red covered my eyes and I contemplating throwing my remote through the TV but withdrew in a moment of sensibility. I stared at the cashews in disbelief and started wondering if a hair might fixate on one while I scooped them back in the container and ruin my entire cashew experience. Is there a 5 second rule here? I walk on that portion of the rug every day. Are the ones on top savable?

So dear audience, I ask you, are you putting 100% of the cashews back in the bin? Are you discarding all out of case cashews in the trash? A mix? Does them being $9.99 make any difference to the decision? I’m considering driving back to Wegmans to get a brand new stash but then they actually cost $14.99 which starts getting up there for some cashews. Tough experience. I’m not sure I have the strength to get through the day.