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Champ vs Wevs – Golf Match

May 30, 2019


Champ vs Wevs – Golf Match

I Photoshopped this advertisement today at work. Now I’m posting this at work to give you an idea how hard I work. My abilities with Photoshop have improved to the point where if I can see how to do it, I can usually replicate it. I still need to improve with filters and the more advanced techniques. I’ve been diving deep into text though as I can use it for business all the time. I used the Tiger vs Phil as my model to give you an idea.

The Real Match

That brings us to what is transpiring this upcoming Saturday morning. Sam and Evan are golfing in a head to head match (Bud and I will also be there). I’ve played with both recently and they are showing signs of improvement. Evan shot a 108 at Ramblewood and Sam the same score at a Mt Airy course. Mt Airy is harder than Ramblewood and Sam has beat Evan in the past. The current odds are:

Evan – +120, Champ – -120

Heavy action is incoming so don’t be surprised if these lines move. Feel free to leave a comment if you want some. Course picture below. Just a touch below Augusta and we’re expecting galleries of at least 15 squirrels.

I’ll give some insider info for my blog readers on my thoughts on the betting angle. Evan’s 108 would have been a little less if he didn’t get flustered that Adam and I didn’t want to bet him that he could get up and down from a bunker on 18. He wanted to bet $3 dollars and I wanted to bet $300. He skied his bunker shot about 30 yards over the green. My point is that he could potentially have been low 100’s. This is what gives a player “the bug”. Off the tee is usually Evan’s biggest weakness, but that round he hit it well enough to not be detrimental to the outcome of the hole.

Sam hits the ball with more consistency than I can believe. On 18 last week I hit a drive and said, “finally I hit a good one.” Sam cracked one after me and hit it about 5 yards shorter. So his distance is improving which I would say was a weakness prior. I’m not fully convinced on his short game, but that’s usually the case shooting triple figures.

I have to give the edge to Sam, but it’s a lot closer than you think if Evan can get off the tee. That will be my determining factor in who I pick to win which I’m going to stew on for a bit. Either way, should be a lot of fun with some extra exposure and dollars on the line.

  1. Sam Stortz

    I've golfed 45 holes in the last 8 months and I've been to the driving range zero times. My golf prowess is based on pure athleticism and feel. The fact that I've golfed 27 holes in the last week just spells huge trouble for Wevs, as we know what happens when you add hard work to talent like mine. The only way I lose is if I have an OB and / or sand hole where I'm stuck in a bunker and put up a 15. I don't even own a sand wedge so sand is my only weakness. And distance. And three-putting within 20ft.

  2. Evan Cohen

    I’ve golfed 36 holes in the last 8 months and I’ve been to the driving range zero times. My golf prowess is based on the pure grace of a gazelle, power of a lion, and intelligence of an owl. The fact that I planted an 8 iron four feet from the hole and sank the birdie put from 145 out spells huge trouble for Champ, as we know what happens when little guy gets shook. The only way I lose is if lightning strikes a tree and it falls on me. I own a sand wedge and have no weakness. Godspeed.

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