Been a while since I’ve wrote a post, boys. Credit to Hafer for introducing me to Letterkenny, a funny show. To the rest of you dusters, give your balls a tug.

Fall is upon us and I can only see my blog posting diminishing, which is sad, because this is my first post in 10 days. Priorities loom. I’ll be taking a quote-unquote vacation to visit Oktoberfest for the first time at the end of September. Then the company has a trade show in October and then I’m off to an association conference. This gif of Homer is a good depiction of how I feel in life.

Football takes up a bit of my blogging time as I invest a lot of money in the game so I try to stay sharp. This hasn’t lead to riches…yet. I’m hopeful as any degen. Golf starts to wane as the weather turns and that leads to a bit more bowling which I enjoyed the break from. I’m looking forward to November when my life will get a new restart from this chaotic schedule which hasn’t quite hit.

The other part which leads to less blogging is that I feel that my best posts are ones with my interactions with people. Those don’t occur every day. So, when I have to decide on posting about my fantasy team or nothing, I’m reverting to more quality oriented posts (which you wouldn’t know by this).

One of my life paradoxes is that I complain I don’t have enough time yet I found myself tuning into Katy Perry on QVC last night because she was selling some shoes. Now don’t jump to conclusions, it’s not like I set my DVR. It was about 10pm and it was the middle of the Rodman 30 on 30 and I didnt want to start in the middle. So I started scanning and Katy was live on QVC. As an entrepreneur, I was intrigued on how QVC moved product and how Katy Perry acted as a saleswoman on live TV. This wasn’t last night but those are nice knockers.

She had 2,000 shoes to sell at $120. It was probably an hour of her time and for the 3 minutes I watched, she had sold 1,350 pair and I’m sure sold out the rest. I know shit about woman’s shoes, but I can see why people would buy them. They were affordable, had a celebrity name, and looked well designed and comfortable. I was impressed.

So busy.

In all honesty, life is fine. I’m like a broken record, but life happens whether you want it to or not. Some parts you can prepare for. Others are out of the blue. Woody Allen said 80% of life is showing up. I think it’s even higher.