March 1, 2019



I wrote in my last post that I wasn’t writing about bowling anymore…I lied.

Last night was one of the more unusual occurrences I’ve experienced in the bowling league. Our team was getting smoked. The other team’s bowler, who was about a 180 average, rolled a 230 first game and followed it up with a 240. We lost the first 2 games by a wide margin, which pushes total pins out of the question, and were hoping to pick up one win in the 3rd game. We were making up pins and then in the 7th frame, Marqus threw a ball that left the 5 pin standing, but it moved in the process of the mix and the sweep took it off the deck and counted it as a strike. Marqus didn’t see it happen and was prepared to shoot the single pin. Being that we were down, and the other team didn’t see it, I said, “fuck it”. He has ethics and didn’t want to do this, but I persuaded him otherwise. I didn’t think much of it and then in the 8th frame it was my turn. I took my approach and my right toe struck the floor and popped up my leg which then made my release hit my leg and I threw a first ball gutter. The guy rolling the 700 series said, “did that just happen?” I’m carrying a 201 average in that league and just rolled a gutter on my first throw. I couldn’t believe it. I can’t remember the last time I rolled a first frame gutter in league. I’m talking years of not doing that. My next 3 throws were all terrible and I went open in all 3 frames. Our final score tally for that game ended up being 666. Couple that with Novavax going down 66% (it was 66.9%, not 66.6% which would have had me losing my shit) and it wasn’t my best day. Here’s to the weekend.

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