I’ve been alive for 14,700 days. That number struck me as I woke up at 3am yesterday. It seems like a big number, but it’s not. I was hanging out with some dogs and one of them was 6 and was slowing down. That’s only 2,500 days. Considering you spend your first 1,000 days developing, and then your next few thousand learning how to survive, you only get a few thousand “prime” days. I would consider where I am currently as my ultimate prime.

I have no financial issues. My body is in good enough shape, but I can tell it’s harder to maintain, combined with losing strength. To think that I’m only going to get 14,700 more days, and it feels that each year goes by faster than the last, I’m wondering why I’m not doing more. I say this tongue in cheek because I feel like I’m doing all I can. I write that with no sense of full understanding of what I should be doing in totality. Everyone gets lost in the day to day, but when you realize the day to day evaporates your total days, then you need to take a step back and evaluate.

I’m motivated by money. Most of my existence is how do I better myself to make more money. It’s not the financial dollar that motivates me, it’s the game surrounding the money. Capitalism primes a human to be the best human they can be. Best is subjective, but the system has a way of rewarding those who play it the best, and I’m good at it. The hard part for me is letting go. How to live those days without being the Type A guy who doesn’t take the time to smell the roses. Or waste it getting wasted. Unfortunately I have a few more steps to take over the next short term that will continue to push me forward, but in the near term, I will be taking more advantage of those limited number of days. Who wants to go to Japan?