I bike to and from work ~4 times a week.

Each ride is 1.5 miles and takes about 8 minutes.

That puts my weekly totals at 12 miles and 64 minutes.

That puts my annual totals at about 50 hours and 600 miles on the bike.

I never wear a helmet on any of those rides.

Meghan was telling me a statistic she heard about children that if they fall off a bike without a helmet they die 100% of the time. That wasn’t it, but it was something that demonstrated the dramatic difference a helmet makes when you get into an accident. As my #1 fan, she very much wants me to wear a helmet.

Here’s the pro and con list of wearing a helmet:


  • Safety


  • Zero douglas
  • Airpods get knocked loose
  • Hair might smell afterward?

Most logical people would wear a helmet. But I don’t, and I don’t want to.

I can’t give a good reason why I don’t want to. The annoyance is so minimal compared to the benefit of having one if I were to get into an accident. Bogdan told me he usually didn’t wear one until he got hit, luckily while wearing one, and believes that if he didn’t have a helmet on he would’ve been in huge trouble. Now he wears it 100% of the time. Meanwhile I sound like this guy:

There are countless stories of helmets making a difference. But I just don’t want to wear one. Is it really because I feel stupid wearing it? I’m asking myself this right now as I type. I think that’s the bottom-of-my-heart truthful answer.

I didn’t start this post thinking I would change my own mind but I think I just did. I was even going to make the pic below a feature image for this post, but now it’s demoted to bottom-of-the-post. I think I just need to buy a cool one, not a loser one. Comment a cool one to buy.