These feelings are universal and amplified by Covid times. 5 months into a pandemic that doesn’t feel like it will end soon should make anyone question the situation. Pandemic times are shit. Local breakfast is closed down. Wear a mask to go bowling. Don’t see your friends because you can kill them. If you’re feeling better about life during these times, my hat is off to you, but I’m feeling worse than ever. Until today.

Ck4 invited me to play in his golf league in the burbs which I accepted. Prior to playing, I got a haircut. My barber is open and masks are required. My hair was overgrown and I was happy to get it shortened. Business was slower than usual per Jerry and they were doing the best they could. I tipped $29 dollars on a $21 haircut and thanked him. Did I tip this much so I could brag about it in the blog? I gave him the money because that barber shop means more to me than the price they are charging. Just because there is a global pandemic and business is slow, doesn’t mean that they should suffer financially. I’m aware my $29 dollars doesn’t mean much, but I hope it shows my appreciation for the work.

Which will bring me next to the store I buy my running shoes from. Police told the business that they were not allowed to be open during the “red” phase. Once again, a local business suffers while the public flocks to Amazon. I purchased my shoes and didn’t care what the price was. It doesn’t matter. This local company means more to me than money. It’s upsetting to me that the pandemic could upend their business and shift business towards billion dollar companies.

Personally, I’ve been a bit down because life has been monotonous. I’m making money but there is nothing to spend it on. I work. I eat. I sleep. The one recreational activity I have going is golfing and I’ve been terrible at that. So combine a shitty lifestyle with sucking at a hobby that you are trying to improve in and life is depressing.

I get to the Bucks Club and greet CK4 who makes me aware that he wants to win the match today because his team is in 3rd out of 48 teams and this is the last week. I don’t feel any pressure because it doesn’t mean anything to me. We tee off on a par 3 and both of us make par. The next hole I lip a 5 footer for bogey and lose the hole. Here we go. We both make par again on the par 3 and now we’re one up. On 4 our opponent sinks a 15 foot par putt and I drain a 15 footer back in his face for birdie to win the hole. CK4 wins 5&6 for us and I drain another 15 footer on 7 and it’s over. I shot a 41 on the 9 and we won 10-3 (I forget how they score). Just like that I’m happy again.

Now I’m sitting here typing and once again understanding that life is full of ups and downs. It doesn’t matter that I lost $300 betting on Si Woo Kim this past weekend. I’m back to golfing well! My point is that these times are terrible. I feel bad for businesses that can’t succeed because of the environment. You can make the argument that they should adapt but I’m not sure adapting to policies from our brilliant government is that wise. When we finished the match today I shook hands with our opponents and it felt good. Connecting after our match is the essence of humanity and it’s been taken away from us. You can call me an idiot and I’m not taking Covid seriously, but I think the world needs to wake up and accept the fate that has been delivered. Sweden seems to be doing alright while the USA is sinking deeper into idiocracy. I just hope that we break out of the funk sooner rather than later.