The buying of Twitter by Musk is like watching the Berlin Wall fall. Current Twitter management knows that they should do what is best for the shareholders, which forces them to sell, and in the process their entire platform is going to be exposed for how they disseminate information, i.e. their algorithm. I’d guess Jack may have left and had some internal part of this Elon movement because he knew the ugliness within Twitter and wanted to see if stop.

Left Media

Here are two clips of liberal media living in fantasy world. I try to see this from both sides but when the media is this obtuse, it makes sense why CNN+ had no viewers and lost 300 million. What they are complaining about is what has been happening. Welcome to reality.


I’m a proponent of free speech. It’s why America is one of the strongest countries in our short lived history. If you believe that there should be moderation the way Brian Stetler of CNN does, we probably won’t be best friends. What Elon is trying to do is to make the Twitter algorithm open source so everyone knows why they are being shown what they are seeing. This is why Twitter employees are complaining and threatening to leave because they don’t like the idea of not controlling what people can see. What they don’t understand is that there are thousands of people to replace their warped ideals.

Here is a counter argument for what it is worth.

Where I see a problem with her argument is that she immediately assumes that Elon will use the power the same way that the current billionaires do such as Jeff Bezos with the Washington Post. The people love Elon because we think he’s going to do the RIGHT action and make it so both sides are given their fair shake. Whether that’s right or not is to be determined but it’s so one sided currently that her writing this is completely out of touch. Which seems to be the current mantra for the Democratic party.

Here’s another telling sign of the current landscape.