I was drinking with an old college friend in 2018 who I hadn’t seen in 5 years. We got into a spat because he drop/added players in the first round of the playoffs and he hadn’t made the playoffs. I told him this wasn’t right. He told me it’s absolutely fine because he’s trying to win his consolation game.

Unless your league has consolation prizes, your season ends when you don’t make the playoffs. It’s that simple. There is nothing left to play for. It doesn’t make a difference if you get 7th or 12th. If that’s a “thing” for you, re think your priorities in life.

My experience in this is casual players tend to not understand this. They treat the consolation like they treat any other week. It’s not. Play your consolation game with your current roster. No adds. No subtracts. They aren’t using their noggins that what they are doing affects the people who are still playing. People who don’t make the playoffs should have 0.0% influence on people who made the playoffs. At the very least vote on it. Why you would vote for affecting meaningful games by owners with meaningless games is idiotic to me?

People are playing for money. If you’re doing dumb shit outside of you not making the playoffs, you’re doing it because you’re uninformed or you’re cheating. Neither one is a good look. I know some friends may read this post and say I’m taking too strong of a stance on this one but there are times when I’m steadfast on what I know is right and this is one of those few times where I’m putting my foot down. When your season ends, you move to black. Don’t over complicate that. No arguments put that last sentence to gray.