Could you guess the amount of people who went to this site yesterday?

Take a guess.

More than 10?



One last chance.


I bet you didn’t guess that.

It was the featured image that I’ve since removed. This could be the boost this site needs. None of my posts needed to be featured. If my posts were a pizza review, they’d be 6.8. Better than average. Worse than good. Far from great.

I’ve been lazy. The categorization hasn’t changed. Content is challenging to navigate. No evidence of modernization. It’s unacceptable.

I’m testing a new format for posts. Honest passages that may or may not be entertaining for the next few weeks.. You can be the judge. Stay woke.

I’ll finish with a golf round review that I played with CK4, because I know he reads these.

Five Ponds from the blues (6,672 yds) is not easy. Narrow holes and long approach shots combined with threatening OB wayward. The course is in average shape and 50 people were gallivanting about the pro shop when we finished at 6:30pm. It plays crowded and the ground is below average. Ck4 and I shot a 115 and 96. Normally, I wouldn’t call out a 115, but a round from the blues is not a bad score. He played every stroke as always and the highlight of the round was on 17 when I carded a 9 and Chad was 11. Time well spent.