Pardon My Take said on their podcast that they try to flush the toilet while still peeing in an effort to time the pee to finish just before the flush goes completely down.

Here’s what Big Cat and PFT had to say:

Big Cat: “Do you guys ever do the thing where you try to time the flush? I do that all the time.

PFT:Oh towards the end? I always mess it up. I always have the bowl refill and I’m still going. And I’m like, well how hydrated am I? Are people going to be able to tell that there’s pee in here?

Big Cat: It’s thrilling though when you get a perfectly timed flush, and you’re like, that was like the most efficient I will ever be in my entire life.”

I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember. I don’t know why, but I do it on almost every single pee. I haven’t spoken to anyone about it, but I’d guess I’m not alone on this either since PMT described my exact thought process.

Just so you know dudes, you’re not alone out there.

Do you think girls do this too? I think the visual of your pee stream going in as the water is rushing down the drain is a large part of the thrill, so I’d think girls don’t do it since they can’t see it. But guys, we’re set.

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