If you haven’t noticed, SplittingTens has become a big proponent of Cialis. What are MY thoughts on Cialis? I don’t know, I’ve never needed performance enhancers because I’m not Low T, but I’m empathetic towards those who may need it, and in general I support the idea of using medicine to make your penis work if it doesn’t naturally. But that’s not what this is about.

SplittingTens has been hacked. Our IT team has been working day and night and cannot figure out what happened, but if you check our site at random times throughout the past week, Cialis posts have appeared everywhere.

When we log into the backend there’s nothing there! No posts about Cialis, no extra users who logged in. No trail whatsoever. These hackers are good.

You could argue this is the best thing to ever happen to our site: higher quality content posted 10x more often. But getting hacked doesn’t feel good. It’s kind of like Covid. You look back over the past week and wonder where it came from. Some email I clicked? YouPorn? XXN? Redtube? Pantyjobs? Home grown Simpsons stuff? I have no clue.

It’s a bit unsettling. What else might they have access too? Quite honestly, this is about the least valuable hack of all time. We have no information worth stealing on this site. Joke’s on them.

So read at your own risk. I’m honestly not sure we should be posting at all until this is fixed. But just know if there’s any post you don’t like, a hacker probably wrote it.