I’ve belonged to Woodcrest for 6 weeks now. Country Club golfing is superior mainly due to reduced wait times and better course conditions. If you have the money and time to golf, it’s worth it.

I’ve been golfing since I was 13. Bud and I took lessons at Twining from Will Riley and we both made all the putts from the “ring of fire”. He said that’s never happened before. What an ego boost. At no point in my life though did I seriously try to improve. 10 years ago CK4 and I used to head to Umbria to hit golf balls and I thought I could enter long drive contests because I could hit the water tower. Then I was in a league at Center Square about 4 years ago where I was playing frequently on one of the easiest courses known to man. My handicap dropped to 14 and that was it. Until now.

2 Wednesday’s ago I took a lesson at the club. The pro gave me about 5 subtle changes to make. I played a round with Adam 2 days after and shot 110. Then a 98 at an easy course. Last Friday, I shot 96 with CK4 on a hard course from the blues and then an 86 at Bella Vista from the whites. Good trend.

Yesterday I showed up at 6:15pm and played 18 holes walking to give you an idea of time frame on a course with no people. I started off by topping my 3 wood 15 yards into a big bush in front of the tee box. Shit. I re-teed and hit this nice draw right up the middle. My 2nd shot was right of the green and I opened up the club face and hit a shot that went 2 yards to the right. Then I popped one into the sand trap 5 yards in front of me. Triple on 1 using a breakfast ball. Wow, I’m improving.

I write this post because my game is coming around to a point where I can say that I will be a single handicap by the end of summer. My distance isn’t what it once was, but on the 14 driving holes, 10 of mine were 225-275 either in the fairway or just off it. On 3 straight holes I was over the green in regulation (bogey or double due to a bad short game) and on another 3 I played at 1 under putting for bird 3 straight holes. I finished with a 10 on 18 and I still was at a 95. My bowling game is suffering, but my golf game is on the up. Most likely you don’t care, but it’s fun for me to put it on the site.