Jordan liked Tom’s golf post so much that I had to write my own after yesterday’s round.

I’ve played probably 15 times this year but have struggled to post any good scores. My annual goal of breaking 100 hasn’t been scared. I’ve had some good 9s but haven’t held it through a full round.

Yesterday, Tom, JC, Chad, and I played at Lulu.

The front 9 was a flurry. Chad had some hilariously bad luck hitting multiple OB shots due to tree deflections. Tom and JC were playing fine, though you wouldn’t know it by JCs attitude.

I shot a career low 46 due to driving the ball great and good putting. It was good enough to beat Tom’s 47 which is the first time in probably 100 tries that I beat him on 9 holes.

Chad parred this hole.

The back 9 was different.

Chad was hitting bomb drives and not smashing tree after tree. Tom was amping it up a little bit, and JC was staying steady but continued to be upset by his 150 yard drives down the middle because they didn’t get high enough in the air.

I only had TWO bad holes. One was two chunks with long irons on the fairway, then getting stuck on bad terrain next to the green for a 9. The next was the par 5 17th where I was 50 yards out in 3 and hit a shot into the bunker and finished with an 8 (kudos to Chad for birding this hole).

Tom managed a 91, I came in at 103, JC was 106, and Chad was sort of unknown given that he didn’t exactly finish the 18th hole after two OB shots off the tee, but it was 107-109.

Thoughts on Lulu

We paid $100 each for the round on a Thursday twilight and it was such a rip. The course is too congested, not that well kept, poor yardage markers, bad bunkers, etc. Supposedly they don’t WANT public players on the course in which case mission accomplished cause I don’t see why I would go back.

Thoughts on Golf

I felt I’ve been getting better and this was finally some validation. I can’t seem to hit my irons the right distance though. I can hit 240 yard drives, but my 5 iron goes 150 yards, and apparently that doesn’t add up. It’s incredibly frustrating when things go wrong, which they often do, but hitting a good shot, playing a good hole, and stringing together a good 9 (or even 18!) is fun.

The social aspect is a no brainer and the fact that anyone can play makes it a good thing to be able to do. I’m happy that after watching Rory win the British Open in 2014, I decided to get a set of clubs and start playing.