Netflix released a documentary 2 weeks ago called the Great Hack. It details Cambridge Analytica affecting elections. If you have no idea what that is, keep playing with your phone.

These topics require much deliberation and even when you have a stance, the other side will tell you you’re an idiot. However, my interest in marketing and human psychology behind why people make decisions made this a worthwhile viewing.

Can you be manipulated? Of course not! I’m too smart!

Your parents and teachers lied to you. You aren’t special. You aren’t unique. Your personality carries data points that are mined by social media such as Facebook. 29,000 in fact (at least that’s a number thrown around). These points give a personality profile to marketers about how they can influence you. The Great Hack delves into political campaigns influencing “tweeners”, or people who have not made up their minds yet.

Every marketing book that’s worth a damn explains the further you can target, the more successful your campaign will be. This personal data allows these campaigns to target exact precincts in cities with propaganda. Your personal information is being used so experts WAY smarter than you can move a needle. That’s what the world has come to.

Fair elections are over as you are being manipulated. What the Great Hack was trying to accomplish was to make you aware that this is happening. I don’t necessarily believe that individuals make their decisions based off of Facebook Ads. I understand the pull, but the person is still their own decision maker. Until they’re not. That’s why you should at least watch the Great Hack to get another perspective on your lack of data rights in an age where the laws have not caught up with the technology.