Harris English is not a household name. Unless you play DFS golf, he should never be on your radar. Yesterday he became the 5th player to test positive for Covid 19 joining Nick Watney, Dylan Frittelli, Cameron Champ, and Denny McCarthy. Why am I using Harris English as the title of this post? I swear it’s not because of his MC at the Charles Schwab invite that ruined my 6/6.

This week will be the 4th tournament for the PGA since the restart of its season. The PGA has had no fans for the past 3 tournaments, understands the risks involved with Covid, are doing their absolute best to combat it, and 5 of their players (and more if you include caddies) have become infected with the virus.

‘While it’s disappointing to receive this news, as I feel healthy, I’m pleased that the new safety protocols we have in place worked this week,” English said.

This is what the most raucous event looked like with fans. This was not the case with the most recent tournaments.

Why Care?

The very first comment I read about this story was saying that it’s insane that the PGA has resumed golf and putting all of their players health at risk. That is how people who want to stay at home until Covid 19 ends think. I would say that if human beings can become infected by Covid 19 by doing their very best to prevent it, this is not a virus that can be controlled and everyone needs to be ok with that.

Catching Covid 19 should not be looked at as a bad thing. You catch it and then you recover from it. It’s clear that more people are going to continue catching the virus at this point. Lock downs are not the answer (for economic concerns as well as mental health). So while cases increase (more testing):

And deaths decrease:

It’s becoming clearer that you probably have Covid 19 the same way you catch the cold. If golfers with no fans are able to catch the virus during their day to day under circumstances that are more preventative then every day life for normal people, you’re going to catch it. And that’s ok.

My personal opinion is that this virus is exposing the systems that are built on a house of cards. Consider the way people treat their bodies, accumulate debt to fund their lifestyle, and social systems that lag behind the times.

What’s Happening?

Economy – Not working doesn’t make the economy stronger. Businesses with strong foundations and good work ethics will come out better and weak, debt laden businesses will collapse. The Fed can prop up the economy as much as they want, but not producing will have trickle down effects and you are seeing it already. When tenants can’t pay their landlords, the landlords can’t pay the developers, and the developers can’t pay their banks. Kaboom!

Social Issues – Over 3 months ago I predicted that there would be social unrest by taking away people’s ability to earn money and you’ve seen that with George Floyd. I’m not arguing that they are connected, but elements contribute. I believe in systematic racism, but I don’t believe that people have an understanding of how to overcome that. Complaining that it exists is different than working hard to overcome it.

Health – I’m a believer in survival of the fittest and I’ll write it again, this virus is exposing the weak. You’re seeing that anyone can catch this virus under any circumstance. The people in poorer health and living in poorer conditions will be affected by it in worse conditions. As well as 40% of deaths occurring in nursing homes.

  • Obesity appears to be emerging as a risk factor, BMI ≥ 30, in nearly half of hospitalized patients.
  • Blacks, Native Americans and Latinx appear to be hospitalized at rates greater than expected on a population basis.

Johns Hopkins Study

Exercise. Eat Right. Be Smart. You will catch this virus. And it will be ok. I’m not saying not to take precautions, but considering Harris English, it doesn’t seem to matter.

If you want to come back with 120,000 people have died from the virus I’d argue that 7,500 people die a day in the USA. People die varying ways every day. We are going to have to live with it.

Finally, asymptomatic people are going to spread the virus. Wear you’re mask around risk sensitive people.