In 7th grade, a kid named Matt used to call me flat-head. He was, by all definitions, a bully. In math class, he would sit at the desk behind me, put his feet on the back of my desk, and shake my desk as much as he could.

One day, after enough torment, I stabbed down at his leg with my pencil. This was a blind shot, no scope, I couldn’t see where his leg was, but I nailed it, and it hurt him. It didn’t stop the bullying. If anything it made it worse overall. But for that one class, I, me, Sam Stortz, was the tough guy.

I tell that story to say that you can only get walked all over for so long before you stand up for yourself.

Yesterday, after years of Comcast internet and cable shaking my desk and calling me flat-head, I CUT THE CORD (to the television only, not the internet) to save myself $100 a month. The cable was simply not worth it because we rarely used it. Instead, we use Netflix, Hulu, etc.

I am not a pioneer. This is a trend nationwide and I’m sure some readers have gone through this exact transition. So I’m coming to the blog for advice.

The ONLY thing I actually lose from this is obvious – live sports. I barely watch sports from home, but I would like to have the option.

Google shows a number of options, a few being:

  • DirecTV
  • Youtube TV
  • Hulu Live
  • Sling TV

Those are all $70-$90, which kind of defeats the purpose of canceling cable.

I’m also aware of Reddit illegal streams which honestly may work best because of how infrequently I plan to use it.

At the moment, I may just stay cableless. The apps provide everything we need and I can live without having a Sixers game on in the background that I barely watch while I play chess.

But if anyone has a recommendation, I’m all ears.