This is not new. I pee all the freakin’ time. But it’s to the point lately where it’s actually getting in the way.

I’ll drink coffee in the morning then plan to walk somewhere 30 minutes away. I pee RIGHT before I leave, then when I get to my destination, I REALLY have to pee.

It’s like any time I pee is breaking the seal. I’m clubbing seals left and right over here.

I must have peed six times on the golf course today and all I had prior was a 12oz coffee and 10oz of water on the course.

So I googled WHY this might be and came up with a few potential reasons:

  • I had a STROKE
  • I have CANCER
  • I drink too much WATER
  • I have CHLAMYDIA
  • My PENIS is too SMALL to hold any PISS

Based on the above I’m not confident in my self diagnosis. Maybe those ‘make your dick bigger with this one simple trick‘ ads on all these sites I’m always on are for peeing less and not for all the sex I’m not having.