Sunday I went for a run. It was a bit over 8 miles and my goal was finishing it in under 1 hour. When I crossed the finish line, the time was exactly 1 hour. I felt a sense of achievement.

On Monday my Achilles was not great. I was able to walk fine but I had to take the day off. Today I decided again to see if I could go under an hour on the same route. My time was 58:40 with splits of 16:30 to the start of Kelly, 6:08 (mile), 6:31, 6:35, 6:16, 16:35. Considering I almost negative split, I ran a nice time here. 1 minute 20 faster than Sunday and I had a bacon cheeseburger for lunch.

Now I’m going to have to see if the Achilles doesn’t work tomorrow. If it’s problematic, I’m going to return to 5 mile run max. It isn’t worth being damaged. Howeva, I’ll commit to running near a half marathon once live races come back. I’m in, most likely, the best shape I’ll get in for the remainder of my life. Time to test it.

I’ll briefly write about my golf rounds over the weekend for the 1 or 2 people who care. I shot an 86 on Friday on a course that was in good condition considering no one had played it in weeks. The rough was thick though which resulted in a few lost strokes. I drove the ball well and hit some great approach shots from 150 or so out.. Putted ok too hitting in at least 2 10+ feet.

The following day I played a course in Delaware for Delaware residents only. They made an exception because they weren’t going to give a refund but they were dicks about it. New world golf rules. I ended up shooting a 97 and gave away so many strokes on the green. I also had 5 OB strokes which is unacceptable. A step down scorewise, but there were some good parts such as hitting a 3 wood from 240 on the green which doesn’t happen every day.

My country club is an absolute mess right now and I’ll be living the public golf life for a while until the world gets back to normal.