Every Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon, a bunch of nerds gather in Rittenhouse Square to play chess.

I have known about this for a couple of years, but like a kid in the school yard, I’ve been too scared to go. I’ve even been in Rittenhouse while they’re playing, but just never had the stones to say anything.

This Wednesday, however, that’s about to change.

Meghan was planning to return something to a store right around there, but I’ve stepped in like the great fiancé that I am and insisted that I will do the return, then go to the chess club.

First, I don’t really know how the group works. They say to just ‘show up‘. Do I take my natural role as an alpha and just challenge someone right off the bat? Do I stand there and wait for someone to talk to me? Is there like… a leader? Maybe that’s how I start: “Take me to your leader!”

Then, I have to decide about the actual chess. I never play OTB (over the board…). It feels like a cuck move to say “what’s your rating?” when getting ready to play someone you don’t know, but maybe that’s common courtesy, I don’t know, I’ve never gotten here before. My plan is to only ask that if someone asks me.

There’s a chance I’m better than a lot of them and there’s a chance a lot of them are better than me. If I lose my first game I may just leave on the spot and never show my face again.

I will update on how this goes and am open to any advice for what actions may make for a good follow up post.