I’m not sure if the appropriate description is “phat” for an ass because that term seems to have made its way out from my high school years where phat meant cool. Seems like dope has replaced phat. In this scenario I’m certain that the women below doesn’t have a “fat” ass.

Dress from @prettylittlething

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The reason I created this post is that I saw another woman comment on the above post saying, “I thought my ass was big, but yours is way bigger.”

Nowadays having a big ass is the goal. You always hear the tits or ass discussion and I must not have been genetically built for the huge ass allure. If the above woman’s ass was any bigger, it would be physically impossible for me to reach her promised land. I don’t even think she has butt implants like Nikki Minaj.

I wouldn’t follow AmandaEliseLee if I wasn’t gravitated by her look (huge ass, huge tits, tiny waist). 12 million other men feel the same way. She even garnered the attention of KimK.

6am beach workouts are my new thing ??‍♀️ @kimkardashian @carladibello

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The other girl in that picture is Carla DiBello who I assumed was CardiB, but was wrong. Honestly, how is that not? I saw this video though and Cardi B is an idiot.

Amanda Lee posts workout videos galore so her job is to look like this and promote exercise potions through Instagram. Not a bad life.