JC’s Gems

March 7, 2019


JC’s Gems

Our dad is a straight up content producer because he doesn’t have the awareness that people our generation have. It’s all more natural and his take on the world is more old school.

He is going away for 23 days down to Florida to golf and hang out with some friends. It’s a good trip for him because he is working less and he should be spending his later years enjoying them. He boarded a train yesterday that you can load a car onto and it takes you the entire way. I sent him a text this morning asking him how he is doing.

Mario my barber passed as well which was an equally unusual conversation we had if you care as much to read.

Our confusion was that I talked to him earlier that day and he told me Mario was ill. I went there coincidentally that day and learned he died. When he wrote that “it’s amazing to me that didn’t come to mind”, he was talking about how he didn’t realize I was talking about the barber. I took it like he thought I knew Mario had died and didn’t tell him when he told me it he was ill. Classic.

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