Perhaps I’m stubborn, but when the text came to me that asked, “are you going to bring a jacket”, I decided I wasn’t. I’m not sure why I didn’t because it would have solved issues.

This 8 day trip, we were not checking in luggage which is new to me. It’s not that I’m an over packer, but I like the freedom of being able to bring whatever necessary. I also enjoy not fighting for overheard space in the plane. I bought a new carry on which fit the size restrictions and packed up to 10kg.

Here’s where I messed up, I only packed 3 long sleeve shirts. I had 7 t-shirts. This exacerbates when one of your long sleeve shirts gets covered in smoke when you visit a German only bar with a racist owner. Below is CK4 and I shooting darts in the basement of said basement. He didn’t think there was any weirdness going on. I was worried we were going to be hacked to bits.

There’s one other caveat I didn’t consider and that’s what happens when it rains? Cotton doesn’t do as well as nylon. Finally, not that it was overly cold, but jackets tend to have more warming material than the shirts I brought.

If I had a jacket, I could have only brought 7 t-shirts. No one knows the difference and wearing a jacket every day doesn’t seem odd. Wearing the same shirt every day in pictures makes people start to wonder how poor you are. Plus the group was asking, “do you want my jacket” which is unlike me to have to rely on others for a stupid decision.

Lesson #3 – Bring a jacket

Trivia question – Who did she have sex with? I posted her because she’s wearing a jacket if you want the relevance and I’m curious if people know 1) who she is and 2) what famous person she married and divorced