Warning: Drinking Too Much Alcohol Can Result in Memory Loss.

I’ll be using Nikkii’s pictures and said I’d generate fanfare for her website which locates Happy Hours throughout Bucks County. Take Me To The Bar

Those beers weigh 5 pounds each and the server brings over 5 at a time. They are 33 oz (1 liter) steins which is roughly 3 beers.

The drinking begins around noon in a festive environment. That’s a German band right in the middle of the stage.

We stayed in one of 10 tents. I’ll backpedal to show what the entrance looks like.

This was a Monday. At noon. My lederhosen was 2 sizes too small which is why you try on an article of clothing before you enter a drinking festival where you have to pee out of a flap. Aside from feeling, and looking, ridiculous, 50% of the people who go to the event don’t wear any “traditional” Germany gear. What would be worse than not wearing the garb, would be buying a lederhosen that gets worn for the very first time ever at Oktoberfest. I’m certain Chad could pass as a lumberjack and not having the right socks was wrong.

I’ve outlined the general feeling of the mood which is incredible. Pretzels. Chicken. Beer. Bathrooms impeccably managed with 30 foot troughs that didn’t have a line a single time I went (don’t forget this is a Monday, so lord only knows what happens on Friday). People stand up on benches and chug beers in front of hundreds of cheering fans. It’s not cheap by any means, but my kind of party.

This was my favorite picture of the event. The kid wasn’t drinking beer. The bro behind him…he gets it.

Here is us at one of the tables.

Sorry for that picture Laura. Here’s one of Laura the beer drinker. Quick story. Being mostly a wine drinker, coming in she was prepping for the event by ordering beer at restaurants. The results were iffy. We weren’t sure what to expect until this happened.

Once that mug was half way down, Laura turned into a social butterfly. She chatted it up with the Berliners next to us. Snorted peppermint. Made out with random dudes. 2 of the 3 are true. A true pleasure to bring to the festival and she found her German heritage.

Yours truly? Well. This is what a blackout human being looks like on a Ferris Wheel.

I wish I could say I went home and that was the day. Oh no. I got a second wind once when we left and visited the German Supermarket and bought a bottle of wine, champagne, and a bottle of Jim Beam & coke. We spent the rest of the night at the AirBnB where the owner from England came up and hung out for the night. I was REAL amped to get a puzzle done using my first rate CEO skills to rally the team, and by 10pm, this is what happened while I listened to Robin Schultz.

That’s Oktoberfest. I wish I could do it one more time because I think I’d pace myself a bit more. I finished 5 of the beers in a few hour period and was hammered. Limiting it to 1 an hour would have been a better experience, but you live and learn. I also would not have gone the route of inauthentic lederhosen. It’s silly. However, I would buy a nice one that was worn in because the leather is comfortable. I didn’t mind the look either, but we stuck out like a tourist (at least in my mind which is most likely over analyzing it). Fun times.

Picture of the village we stayed in.

Lesson #4 – Don’t Snort the Peppermint. This doesn’t make any sense to you, but the guys behind us had a vile that looked like coke and asked Laura if she wanted any. I was leery, but turns out it was peppermint and it cleared your nasal cavity. My lesson for you, don’t trust it because next thing you know you’ll be running in and out of tents craving more peppermint.