Meghan and I have been offered a unique opportunity by our landlord and we’re turning to the brilliant minds of the SplittingTens readers to guide us.

Here’s the Deal

There are three units in our building and we’re the top one. The bottom two are Airbnbs that our landlord rents out.

They want our unit to be an Airbnb.

Our current lease isn’t up until the end of April 2024, but they have offered us a free month’s rent ($3000) if we’re willing to move three doors over to a different apartment that they also own which is the same layout as ours. They’ve also offered to cover up to $1000 in moving costs.

The Pros

Having movers carry our goods down two flights of stairs, down the sidewalk 10 feet, then up two flights of stairs into the new space seems pretty easy. Moving is always more of a hassle than I expect, but this is as easy as it gets.

We could have everything moved over in a few hours and fully set up as it is now within a few days. You’d have a very hard time finding a legal way to make $3000 easier than that.

The Cons

It would be a huge pain in the ass to pack everything up then reconfigure the new apartment entirely. Furthermore, we aren’t renewing our lease in April, so all this just to move again in 8 months? Pretty fucking annoying.

Plus, there are pieces of furniture that may not be able to get out of this apartment. If, for example, we can’t get the couch out, that would leave us with literally no couch. I am NOT trying to buy a new couch, move it in, then move it out again.

The Kicker

If possible, we actually want to move out earlier than April. Given that they want us out as soon as possible, I’m trying to come up with something where we benefit by ending the lease early.

If I tip my hand and tell them we want to move earlier, they might say ‘great, you want to leave, we want you to leave, let’s agree to part!’.

But if we suggest “Hey, we’re not planning to renew, so maybe we can leave in December instead of April if you give us a $1500 credit“, that could be a savvy move.

Negotiators of the world, what do you recommend? I’m typically not a hard baller but this is a gift. We have clear leverage over people who are willing to throw money at a problem to make it go away. Opportunities like this don’t come knocking often!