I was reading how to cook a steak in a pan. Not riveting material. At the same time, I was crossing Spring Garden which is a 4 lane road. There were two guys who were 11 paces ahead of me traversing safely. My head was down like a mindless peon and I was going on instinct that the two guys in front were using the walk signal. Turns out they weren’t. As I wandered into oncoming traffic I turned my head to the right and saw some cars. Odd that they were moving so fast. I turned my head left and saw a green light. This was like one of those Metal Gear Solid moments where the exclamation point goes off above your head.

Two and two added together and it was like god lifted me up and placed me on the sidewalk with how fast I moved. I shook my head in disbelief with how the two guys in front of me could have lead me into such a bad scenario. IDIOTS!

To bring further attention to idiots, think about the designer of this sink.

Looks normal. Except for the glaring fact that the faucet head is too high above the basin. All this does is produces a splashing effect that turns the sink counter into a flood. Not to mention water gets all over your shirt. I can only imagine the conversation between the eggheads who designed this. “Looks nice, the arcing design of the neck fits perfectly with the feng shui of the kitchen.” Now I’m not saying I’m moving out because of this, but, it’s pretty close. The damaging effects of this out of control water is threatening my well being.

These small, near death issues, put life in perspective. Life can be short if you’re learning how to cook a steak. It’s critical to take every breath as if it’s your last. Don’t spend it reading this blog post you dolt!