Most People Know Nothing

Some people may know a little more nothing than others, but there are purposes behind most information you are reading.  Case in point:

This was only 50+ years ago. If you think that food or drink you’re consuming is healthy, don’t be surprised if 50 years later we find out it gives you cancer. I know you’re saying, “yeah right”, but seriously, remember that people don’t know shit. Getting caught up on being healthy sounds great in theory, but giving credit to reports or articles written by people who are being paid by the corporations that back them is idiotic. Our current period should be called the data driven world because large sample sizes are your best bet for valid info.

Money That Goes to Non-Tangible Goods is Always Risky

If I buy an apple, it can be good or bad, but at least I consumed something. When you put your money to invisible bets, stocks, or information, you’re probably losing and the person who is receiving it is winning. Your index fund may make 10% and you think you did phenomenal. What you don’t know is the money you gave to the brokerage actually made 25% and they are happy poor saps like yourself keep giving them you money. It works the other way too. If you lose 10%, they’ll lose less. Once that money leaves your possession, you’re losing. If you know people who make money with money, give me their name and long term history. Anyone can distort numbers to make themselves look good. Buy Berkshire B or some retirement fund and forget about making money. The casino analogy is always the best, it wasn’t built by losers. Brokerage’s are the exact same. Remember that there is a loser for every winner, and it’s not usually the public. It’s the ruling elite.

Invest In Yourself

It’s been nearly 5 months since I’ve tracked over 1,100 bets I’ve made. I’ve lost $629 dollars and it’s actually less than that because the one time I got drunk and won $200 in online blackjack and those bets have also gained about $100 bucks in reward dollars. So after hours…and hours…and hours…of paying attention to sports, there is no value. This is the same conclusion I drew from online poker after dabbling in it for a few years. Revert back to point #2 for an explanation on why.

Spend your money on learning new skills and investing in pertinent equipment. Choose your life path carefully. Playing video games and watching TV is not a life path. Learning how to turn skills into a meaningful endeavor is the best chance at success. Invest in learning how to communicate. Talking to people and being sincere and thoughtful is the most important skill you can have.

Do It.

I’ve worked with people, a lot of people, who don’t know how to get work done. Most people don’t want to do anything. They’re content. Then there’s the next level who want to help, but they don’t know how to so they need to be told. Then there are the people who don’t need to be told what to do, they just do it. These are the people that get shit done.  Perhaps it’s because a lot of situations I’m a part of are volunteer efforts and I see various levels of enthusiasm, but it’s easy to tell who will work for a purpose and who only works for money. The latter are the people who you don’t want as your leaders. You want to back people who share your integrity and belief structure. It will make life that much more fulfilling. Money is the tool. The more tools you have, the more experiences you can endure, and that’s what life is about.

It’s Not That Hard

I won’t be building a rocket to the moon. That’s for the special few. However, most parts of life only require participation and coordination. What I’ve found is that most ideas get stalled not because they are bad ideas, but because the people are scared of doing them or messing them up. Here’s an example for our business – we need a marketing campaign and we aren’t professional enough to do it ourselves. We can go into the office and talk about it day after day with what we want OR we pay someone better at it than us to help us make it happen. There is undoubtedly someone better than you at what your trying to accomplish. Find them and then build it. I want to get better at chess. It will never happen by playing game after game. I need someone to help me. How hard is that to make happen? It’s not. I just have to do actively contact someone better than me to teach me. It’s not that hard if I actually want to do it.