The top comment on this video points out the massive watermark and I’m going to disagree with this observation. Take this blog for instance, unless we advertise it, it won’t go anywhere. We all know it’s not going anywhere anyway, but without exposure, it’s not meaningful. The more eyeballs, the more influence. I battle with this theory that it’s acceptable to produce content that no one reads, but the older I get the more I know that change is driven by groups, not individuals. So I have no issue with advertising material even though there’s irony behind doing so.

Further, I’m going to side with these a-holes in this video. If you want to make money, you need to go to extremes and getting pushed by the Queen’s Guard is not a bad start. Money/an audience is a motivator. I wish I could live a life where I was my true self and money didn’t matter except I’d be eating Ramen in a shit hole. I personally would never act like these people, but people in 2020 crave attention. If no one ever did it, there’d still be that one guy which propels the wave.

Arguing against the influcencing side, I’ll add that being phony is the wrong side. Honesty and sincerity towards life is going to prevail. These people will die empty with their million followers. Do I know how to fulfill that emptiness? I do not. I’d guess we all rot 6 ft under the ground. Getting to that point with dignity is all you can do with the time you’re given and doing the acts that these people do is embarrassing. Everyone likes a nice shot with a picturesque background. This is not that.