Everything Everywhere All At Once

I was recommended this movie by a friend being told that it helped answer the question, “what should we be doing?” Saying this movie has a Nihilistic (nothing matters) viewpoint seems accurate to a point, but it goes a bit further exploring themes of a multiverse which is prevalent in Rick and Morty. Boiling it all down to one important time line of doing taxes and laundry together.

First and foremost, I’m not smart enough to truly grasp all the themes in this movie. I watched it once through and did my best to ask questions about my own personal beliefs of how I live my life. Using the title as the guide of looking for Everything, Everywhere All at Once as the goal. Take your current life and cherish it. Relish the small moments & relationships. There is nothing else. It won’t matter in the grand scheme of your life. You should be doing EVERYTHING you can to make your life worth living.

To comment on the movie, it was wildly entertaining. A bit too outlandish for my taste with the butt plug fight scene, hot dog fingers, and racoon hat, but the fight scenes were cool and the acting, specifically Waymond and Joy, was fantastic. It was a fun movie to watch.


Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Alas, I won’t let this small political push that billionaires are idiots be a problem against the movie, but if you didn’t feel the politics behind this, one of us is missing the point. I did enjoy the malapropisms by Miles for what that’s worth.

To start, there is an immediate mask push of superiority which is absurd for a movie. The politician and scientist wear their masks and the model (also shown as a floosy and partier during Covid) and streamer don’t. Total nonsense, but you should get where this movie is coming from in trying to influence citizens with high profile actors. Once again, that aside, the cast is tremendous and Edward Norton & Janell Monae stand out as the best to watch. Daniel Craig is equally enjoyable.

The plot misdirects seem elementary and I found myself not caring much about what was happening as the movie went on. The imagery and acting were great, the actual mystery was mundane, and the themes you could see coming from a mile away. I remember walking away from the movie Clue thinking that was a good mystery, this was just an average movie. Plus there are questions like what was the point of Helen being drunk? Why the sequence of opening the box – to show how the characters think ie. politician is smart, model is dumb…? Who cares that Whiskey or the assistant were even there considering their characters were useless only adding minor subtext to the plot? It felt dumb.